Social login for your customers

We are excited to announce a brand new feature on StoreMantis: Social Login! With this feature, your customers can now skip the tedious registration process and simply place orders on your store by using their social media accounts. Hence, your customers do not need to remember emails and passwords anymore. All they need to do is simply click the social login button!

This is the new login screen:


Your users can login using their Facebook or Google accounts. To see the Social Login in action, click here:

Here are some of the benefits of social login:

  • Increase registrations: according to a Web Hosting Buzz survey: 86 percent of users report being bothered by having to create new accounts on websites. Some of these users would rather leave your site than register, which means that providing Social Login to your apps will increase the number of registrations to your site. The survey also states that 77 percent of respondents say that Social Login is a good solution that should be in any site.
  • Email is verified: The social network provider is in charge of verifying the users email. If the provider shares this information (Twitter does not share the user email address, for example) you will get a real email address rather than the fake addresses that some users typically use to register in web applications. Additionally, the providers will handle the password recovery process.
  • One-click return experience: After users register in your application using Social Login, their return experience will be very simple, as they will probably be logged into the social network, and just one click will be enough to login to your application.

You will need to enable Social Login for it to be available on your site. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your StoreMantis dashboard.
  2. Go to Extension/Apps-Social Login Setup
  3. You will need to save some credentials you will receive from Facebook and Google. You can choose to enable either or both networks.
  4. There are two tabs that will give you the directions on how to obtain these credentials. Follow the steps carefully
  5. Make sure you test the login on your main website after you are done.

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