Adding a New Tax Rate

Before you can add a new tax rate in StoreMantis make sure you understand how taxes work in StoreMantis. Also, you will need to set up a Geo Zone to apply that tax rate to. Once you have done both of these steps youre now ready to add a new tax rate to your shopping cart.

  1. Log into StoreMantis Dashboard
  2. Go to System > Localisation > Taxes > Tax Rates
  3. Click Insert to create a new tax rate and fill in the applicable fields
    • Tax Name: Give your new tax rate a name
    • Tax Rate: This is the amount of tax to apply
    • Type: Choose the type of tax to apply (percentage or fixed amount)
    • Customer Group: Decide who this tax applies to based on the Customer Group
    • Geo Zone: decide what Geo Zone the tax rate applies to
  4. Click Save once you are satisfied with your selections

You have now added a new tax rate to StoreMantis. Now you can add the tax rate to a tax class so it will be applied to any product that belongs to that specific tax class.

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