How to add products to categories

We observed that some merchants have difficulties in understanding how to add products to categories. Hence we felt the need to create this post.

Adding products to a category is very easy. You can add a product to multiple categories. For example if you have a category structure such as the following:

|___ Casual Shoes
|___ Corporate Shoes
|___ Athletic Shoes
|___Long Dresses
|___Short Dresses
|___Corporate Dresses

Lets say you want to insert a new Casual Shoe. In this case, it is strongly advised that you add the product to both the Shoe category as well as the Casual Shoes category.
Let us add a new product called Black Loafers. Go to Catalog->Product and then click on the Insert button. This will take you to the Insert Product page. In the Categories field, start typing the word Shoes.


A dropdown should appear, listing all the existing categories that match what you are typing. Click on the Shoes dropdown to add it to your list. Next, start typing Casual. This should bring out the Casual shoes category.


Clicking on it will add it to the category list for this product.


Now save the product. This product will now be visible on the Shoes and Casual Shoes categories.

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